article processing charges (APC)

Nural Circuits supports Open Access (OA) and Open Controlled Access (OCA). Articles published with OA licence are freely available online without limits, immediately upon publication. Articles published with OCA licence are controlled with a pay-per-view policy where readers need to pay for the access to the articles. Both of the OA and OCA services are made possible by article processing charges (APC) which is part of the manuscript submission process to cover a range of publishing services provided such as article production and hosting, abstracting and indexing services, customer service, and others. Authors are required to make the decision of whether to opt for Open Access or Open Controlled Access during APC payment. Authors who choose to opt for Open Controlled Access will receive a portion of the article sales in return until the end of the embargo period.

APC is payable before publication, upon editorial acceptance of author’s manuscript following the peer-review process, and is charged to either the author, or author’s funder, institution or employer.

The current APCs of Neural Circuits is as follows:

similarity and differences open access (OA) open controlled access (OCA)
Article processing charges (APC) USD499*
Availability Freely available Purchase-based per article
License Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International
(CC-BY-NC 4.0)
Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-NoDerivs 4.0 International
(CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0)
Copyright Author retains his/hers Author retains his/hers
Author reward x
Reviewer reward

*EnPress provides APC reduction for authors who are from low income economies. We charge a flat APC of $125 for qualifying authors. To find out the full list of country classifications, click here.