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Transportation Management

Transportation Management (TM, eISSN: 2578-1944) is an international open access journal that publishes original articles related to all areas of transport management. We strive to build a bridge that offers researchers and practitioners new approaches, new ways of thinking, and novel solutions to problems through all the published works.

The journal brings a cross-cutting and integrated approach to all aspects of transportation from a variety of interdisciplinary fields, including engineering, operations research, economics, geography, and sociology, in order to solve the problems faced by public administrations, transport companies, technology researchers, logistic operators, and so on. The scope of this journal includes management strategies and techniques, regulations and policies, economics, education related to transportation and logistics, etc.

Journal of Infrastructure, Policy and Development

The Journal of Infrastructure, Policy and Development (JIPD, ISSN: 2572-7923, eISSN: 2572-7931) is a multi-disciplinary, double-blind peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing high-quality articles on infrastructure, economic development, and public policy. The three words in the journal’s title, "infrastructure", "development" and "policy" are core to the vision of this journal.

With its broad scope covering development-related issues, a novel feature of this journal is that it covers the whole range of infrastructure, including both "hard" infrastructure and "soft" infrastructure, where soft infrastructure is broadly defined to include education system, healthcare system, law enforcement, financial system, government system and other types of institutional arrangements.

JIPD has a target audience consisting of academic researchers, industry professional practitioners, and regulatory institution policymakers. It aims to provide a reliable platform for the transfer of knowledge and to facilitate discussions in the areas of development-related policy initiatives and infrastructure.