Journals List

Trends in Horticulture

Trends in Horticulture (TH, eISSN: 2578-1812) is an international peer-reviewed, open access journal that focuses on publishing comprehensive and up-to-date information in the field of horticulture.

The journal publishes papers on different topics related to horticultural sciences and technologies including vegetable crops, fruit crops, ornamentals, medicinal crops, edible fungus, urban horticulture, industries of horticultural crops, crop research in protected facilities or controlled environments, and plant research cultivated finely related to horticultural technology. The subject covers interdisciplinary research ranging from microbiology to horticultural crops, from gene screening to plant hybridization, from molecular biology to plant physiology and ecology, and from traditional planting to intelligent control.

The Journal welcomes the original empirical and theoretical research articles, from the basic to the applied, and accepts high quality submissions presented as Original Research Articles, Review Articles, Brief Commentaries, Case Reports, and Letters to the Editor, in all areas of horticultural research. Through a meticulous process of peer review, TH strives to publish articles of the highest value for agricultural and horticultural professionals.

Natural Resources Conservation and Research

Natural Resources Conservation and Research (NRCR, eISSN: 2578-1936) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that delivers high-quality original articles significant in all disciplines of conservation of resources and sustainable management. Contributions may have relevance at regional, national or international scales and may focus at any level of research from individual resources or technologies to whole sectors or systems of interest. Contributors may emphasize any of the aforementioned aspects as well as scientific and methodological issues. NRCR aims to provide a communication and information exchange platform for a broad audience of conservationist, environmentalist, ecologist, researchers and professionals. Articles from related fields that are interesting to a broad readership are particularly welcome.

Sustainable Forestry

Sustainable Forestry (SF, eISSN: 2578-2002) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal publishing scientific research from any discipline that can provide interesting contributions about forest ecosystems and their sustainability. Innovative science as well as application-oriented work is welcomed. They could cover a broad spectrum of forest sciences including genetics, physiology, ecology, hydrology, meteorology, agroforestry, forest economics and policy, etc., all in relation to benign development of forest.

SF publishes original research article, review article, editorial, case report, letter, brief commentary, perspective, method, etc.

Trends in Genetics and Evolution

Trends in Genetics and Evolution (TGE, eISSN: 2578-1707) is an open access double-blind peer-reviewed online journal. TGE is devoted to studying the origin, evolution, gene and genome structure, function, evolution, and regular pattern of organisms. It involves various biological fields, such as viruses, microorganisms, animals, and plants, covering the cellular basis of molecular genetic material, the genetic pattern of genetic material, the molecular basis of genetic material, biological variation and evolution, etc. It includes interdisciplinary research, such as cell engineering, genetic engineering, bioinformatics, molecular genetics, molecular biology, epigenetics, medical genetics, quantitative genetics, population genetics, cytogenetics, functional genomics, etc.

Sustainable Agriculture and Environment

Sustainable Agriculture and Environment (SAE) is a new international open access journal that carries high-quality papers in all areas of agriculture, environmental sciences, and relevant fields. It publishes original research papers, comprehensive reviews, communications, and case reports. We encourage scientists to publish their experimental and theoretical results in as much detail as possible.

Journal of Sustainable Food Systems

Journal of Sustainable Food Systems (JSFS) is a new international open access peer-reviewed scientific journal that provides an advanced forum for studies related to all aspects of food systems, with a major emphasis on sustainable food. Our goal is to publish exceptionally high-quality articles with rigor and depth. We publish comprehensive reviews, research articles, and short communications on novel findings. We encourage scientists, researchers, and other food professionals to publish their experimental and theoretical results. There is no restriction on the maximum length of the papers, but the full experimental details must be provided so that results can be reproduced.